Sustainability and Environment


Global awareness for the need to consume less, and conserve more is increasing by the day. HOCHTIEF's German roots may mean we’ve taken environmental issues seriously longer than most, but best practice isn’t something to be achieved and then hope it maintains itself.

Sustainable working methods operate first at a local level. Reducing footprints by employing local people and suppliers. Reusing and recycling materials wherever possible, instead of importing virgin materials from afar.

At HOCHTIEF we’re absolutely committed to minimising the impact of our activities on our surroundings.




On every site and in every office from reusing earthworks on site to printing double sided in offices. Of course we have ISO 14001, but our employees are expected to do more than tick boxes. Protecting the environment is part of their required thinking every day.

A conscious effort is needed by every employee as to how they can reduce their environmental impact, not just in the office or site but at home too. The same applies to our subcontractors. Our training helps all to get the grey matter moving in the right direction.


Download   Combined Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2014 (9.6MB)
Download   IMS Policy Statement(1.0).pdf (1.2MB)