Bridges & Structures

Rather than rely on the “ordinary” we look at schemes where our in-house skill and expertise can be used to deliver the extraordinary.

Infrastructure projects involving complex, challenging civil and Structural engineering have always attracted our engineers at HOCHTIEF.

Methods of bridge sliding where limited space is available, pioneered in the 1990’s by us have become adopted as customary practice in the industry. On the A38 Marsh Mills slip roads in Plymouth a 5,500 tonne, 410 m dual carriageway slip road, moved into position using six 100-tonne jacks, was the largest structure ever moved in such a fashion.

On the Coulsdon Town Centre Relief Road in Surrey, a concrete box underpass to take the new road under an operational railway station was jacked into position. At 8,500 tonnes this was the heaviest box-jacking ever undertaken – all carried out without disrupting train services.

On our recently completed Greater Bargoed Community Regeneration scheme our engineers looked at the challenges – both in engineering terms and in environmental impact – of constructing a bridge whose piers were designed to sit very close to a river bank. Lateral thinking led us to redesign the bridge into a graceful arch with supports further up the bank.