Bridges & Structures

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Abbey Bridge and Viaduct replacement

Client: Worcestershire County Council

Contractors Designers: Atkins

Form of Contract: NEC 3

Dates work carried out: 2012 - 2014

Value: £7,000,000

This important project will ensure Evesham Town Centre keeps its vital link across the River Avon. The existing bridge has been slowly deteriorating for more than 60 years, despite regular maintenance work. It is now in a state where it needs to be replaced. The structures are deteriorating making the bridge weak and reducing its carrying capacity.

The new structures will have a design life of 120 years; therefore they will require less maintenance than those which are being replaced. The carriageway over the structures will also be widened to current standards and the footway widths increased providing better and safer access.The carriageway will increase in width from 9.0m to 10.95m. The footways will increase in width from 1.6m to 2.0m.

Alongside the replacement bridge works, the junction of the B4035 Waterside and the A4181 Cheltenham Road will be upgraded with a new signal system and additional pedestrian facilities installed.

Bridge & Viaduct

The existing Abbey Bridge & Viaduct will be demolished and replaced as part of the works.

River Bridge

  • The replacement Bridge will be constructed of reinforced concrete arches supporting transverse steel beams and a reinforced concrete deck.
  • The new footpaths will be cantilevered to the outside of the reinforced concrete arch in order to provide a widened carriageway and improved views of the River Avon.
  • The existing abutments will remain in place and will be refurbished as part of the works.


  • The replacement Viaduct over the floodplain will be constructed from reinforced concrete.
  • The new structure will have longer spans reducing the amount of foundation works which is required.
  • The foundations will be constructed from bored cast reinforced concrete piles with reinforced concrete pile caps below ground.
  • The deck will consist of precast pre-stressed reinforced concrete beams supported on reinforced concrete crossheads and columns.

Upgraded Junction The junction of the B4035 Waterside and A4184 Cheltenham Road will be upgraded as part of the works, the existing signals will be removed and new signals and pedestrian control installed. The road surfacing in advance of the junction will also be improved as part of the scheme.

Construction Process Bridge

  • The new structures will be constructed around the existing arch bridge, reducing the length of time the road will be closed to traffic.
  • The River Bridge will be constructed in stages, with the new arches cast above the old arches to support the new road.
  • There will be a temporary crash deck which will be used to prevent any debris entering the River Avon.
  • The new footways will be constructed to the outside of the new arches supported on new steel beams.
  • The road will be closed to traffic and the existing concrete deck will then be cut up and removed in small pieces where it can be broken up.
  • Once the old deck has been removed the new reinforced concrete deck will be constructed.


  • The viaduct will also be constructed in stages; the substructure will be completed whilst the existing bridge is still in use.
  • The eastern edge of the existing deck will be removed to enable the installation of the new service bay sections and footpath.
  • The western edge will then be removed and new service bay sections installed.
  • Following the completion of both footpaths the road will be closed to traffic and the main deck removed and replaced.

Key elements of the scheme are as follows:

  • Minimising disruption during works and keeping Evesham ‘Open for Business’.
  • For the vast majority of this construction period, vehicles will still be able to use the Bridge and Viaduct during construction. The Bridge and Viaduct will be closed to traffic for as minimal a period as required.
  • The Bridge will remain open throughout the construction period to pedestrians.